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September 25, 2019 @ 5:48 am

Ep. 17 It’s a Small World After All with Fadhia Mohamud 9-25-19

Today’s guest has an multi-faceted story to tell. Fadhia Mohamud is a member of a women of color bookclub that meets monthly to discuss a wide range of books; from romantic comedies to thrillers. But she is also a Somali immigrant herself who has taken her experience growing up in multiple countries feeling a little bit out of place and using that knowledge to help her students face many of those same challenges. She is a middle school language teacher for ESL students from countries including Nepal, Uganda, and Syria and uses diverse books to help them adjust and love to read.

Fadhia talks to us about why you are missing out if your bookclub only reads black authors during February’s Black History month, how her bookclub uses a theme related to their book to make their meetings a little extra, and why this Somali girl loves Harry Potter.

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